Automatic Arts, in partnership with Cliveden, presents

Home Entertainment


an evening of live theater, dance, and multimedia performance events 
at Cliveden

August 5 & 6 at 7pm, 2016



Hosts: Ed Miller and Josh McIlvain




Loop Tour

with Bradley Wrenn, Senior Loop Tour Guide Historical research by Bradley Wrenn and Ed Miller.

(Tours at 7:05 and 7:15. You may also join tour in-progress.)

 Sculptures by Iva Fabrikant

 Maybe Rome Did Fall In A Day, installation by Henrik Fargusten

with Katherine Sullivan and Hannah Salzer. (No touching or talking to them.)

Chickabiddy plays songs amongst the trees

featuring Emily Schuman + Aaron Cromie.

 The Return of the Rock Museum

text by John Rosenberg, art by Anna Kroll, concept by Josh McIlvain.


Mains 1

 Thom Jack and the Caretaker with Wyl McCaul + Joshua Millhouse

text + directed by Josh McIlvain. Automatic Arts.

iStand (excerpt) choreography by Lauren Putty White, music by Brent White,

dancers: Joe Gonzalez + Sarah Warren. Putty Dance Project.

It’s Jolly

created and performed by Gwendolyn Rooker.

17-minute Intermission

in which you are free to roam whilst these things are happeninig



with Deborah Crocker and Bradley Wrenn, sound score by Andres Villamil. Created by Ed Miller, Bradley Wrenn, Josh McIlvain, Deb Crocker. At the 1959 Kitchen.

HISTORICAL EYE-HOLE in the 18th Century Kitchen (Kitchen Dependency)

Requires looking through small hole on floor.

Chickabiddy play songs on the patio

featuring Emily Schuman + Aaron Cromie.

Mains 2

 the ballad of laura nelson,

poem by Yolanda Wisher

music by Brent White, creative concept + video editing by Josh McIlvain.


Ed Miller Listens to a Song


My Yiddishe Mommeh created and performed by Asya Zlatina.

(See her full-length Barry: Mamaloshen in dance Sept 11 at Gershman Y in the Fringe.)

Up in a Tree

With Josh McIlvain, text by John Rosenberg


Good Bye and Come Again


The Living Kitchens Project at Cliveden is supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

Automatic Arts is supported by The Philadelphia Cultural Fund and individual donors. To help Automatic Arts continue to bring its compelling programming in Northwest Philly, go to AutomaticArtsCo.com and make a donation.

Produced by Josh McIlvain and Deborah Crocker of Automatic Arts with Special Guest Producer Ed Miller.


AutomaticArts.com / Cliveden.org

Automatic Arts (formerly SmokeyScout Productions) creates and presents new and original performing arts. Their Nice and Fresh performing arts showcase features new theater, dance, circus arts, and everything in-between by Philadelphia-based and beyond companies and artists—and with artistic director Josh McIlvain writing and directing one new theater creation per show. Since 2008, the company has produced more than 10 major works both in Philadelphia and New York City, from evenings of absurdist comedies to the highly acclaimed one-man play SLIDESHOW, a fictional family saga around found slides, to a trio of one acts around the theme of American Wisdom.

Home Entertainment is inspired by the Living Kitchens at Cliveden planning process, which is supported by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.


Top and bottom photos: Said Johnson. Photo of Asya Zlatina by  Frank Bicking. Dining room photo by: Amy Powell.