Return of Confessions of a Plate and Shoe

Return of Confessions of a Plate and Shoe_Jennifer Summerfield_Sarah Knittel_Danielle Adams 1

The Press keeps saying go! See the profile by Bruce Walsh in Metro, a pick in Philly Weekly, or this plug from Mark Cofta in City Paper’s Agenda:

–Josh McIlvain’s “evening of outrageous short comedies” follows his successful Fringe productions Deer Head and Boat Hole, and continues his exploration of “the everyday of the absurd and the absurd of the everyday.” McIlvain directs his plays himself in order to “implement [his] ‘live’ aesthetic of performance, where the actors are really the central bodies of experience.” His shows have a dance-like flow from one play to another, with minimal props and costumes. The result is perceptively probing comedy, layered “so that nothing becomes a one-joke play.” Careful who you sit next to, however: The slyly witty writer-director says his quirky characters “tend to be very recognizable from everyday life, the kind of people you hope never to be stuck in a room with talking to you, like in a theater.”–

SmokeyScout Productions presents the Philadelphia premiere of Return of Confessions of a Plate & Shoe: the best ever evening of outrageous short comedies at 2nd Stage at the Adrienne, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, June 19–29, 2013.

Starring Jennifer Summerfield, Ryan Walter, Sarah Knittel, Sebastian Cummings, Danielle Adams, Katherine Perry Lights Catherine Lee Written and Directed by Josh McIlvain

Katherine, Ryan, DanielleReturn of is a restaging and updating of our 2008 New York City show Confessions of a Plate & ShoeReturn of will features 15 short comedic plays, about a 1/3 from the original and the rest new works, carefully stitched together through artfully choreographed transitions in the style of our previous shows DEER HEAD (Philly Fringe 2011) and Boat Hole (Philly Fringe 2010). Sharply funny, sometimes outrageously raunchy, these short plays examine the disturbing absurdities of everyday life and the everyday life of the disturbingly absurd: a happy-go-lucky shoe seeks the friendship of a stuck-up plate; a father brings wrong baby home from day care because he can’t tell the difference between infants; a woman pronounces her love of reading signs, such as EXIT; while online, a middle-aged man discovers his mother in porn films—recently filmed porn films.

Katherine and Ryan


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