BROTHER HOUSE begins its journey

Chris and Ed

Thanks to all who came to the script-in-hand performance of a work-in-progress play.

Brother House is about an architect who is lives in the shell of a house made of wood paneling that only rises three feet off the ground. When the architect’s old college friend visits the structure after if has won an architecture prize for best conceptual dwelling, buried tensions come to the fore, including who had the idea for this house first. This seriocomic examination of the absurd meeting the mundane digs into the myth of normalcy, the desire to appropriate others’ living spaces, and the diverging paths of old friends.

Written and directed by Josh McIlvain, Brother House is being developed with the creative contributions of Ed Miller and Christopher McGovern in an intensive five-week rehearsal and workshopping process that culminated in the reading. The work will be revisited and further developed later this year.

Thanks to Underground Arts for hosting!

Ed Miller.

Ed Miller.

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