Special Nice and Fresh at Morris Arboretum Sunday June 12

Automatic Arts and the Morris Arboretum team up

to bring you

Almanac returns to Nice and Fresh. Photo: Kate Raines

Almanac returns to Nice and Fresh. Photo: Kate Raines.

Nice and Fresh Expo Edition: New Theater and Dance

Sunday June 12
Showtimes at 11:30am and 2pm

Arrive at the Arboretum at least a half hour early! Performances are a 10-minute walk into the Arboretum!

Featuring the work of

Awful DJ (comedy troupe from NYC)

Annie Wilson

Josh McIlvain/Automatic Arts

Almanac Dance Theater Circus

Yolanda Wisher

John Rosenberg

Anna Kroll

& more!

as part of STEAMpunk Expo all-day event at the Morris Arboretum

The Morris Arboretum is hosting an all day event (10am–5pm) that explores art and science the STEAMpunk way. Come out for a full day of original theatrical productions, aerial artists, and more. See examples of cutting edge technology from the past and present. Participate in science discovery stations throughout the garden. Stroll the Victorian garden in your steampunk finery and submit your photo to our Instagram fashion contest. MORE INFO

Free for members / $17 for non-members (includes access to all events and the Arboretum grounds). Pay at Arboretum entrance. DIRECTIONS.

Morris Arboretum, 100 East Northwestern Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19118.



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