Host a performance of SLIDESHOW!

“What if Don Draper’s Carousel pitch was a theatrical experience? That’s kind of the vibe given off by Josh McIlvain‘s Slideshow. This intimate performance uses real slides to unfold a gripping tale of a family as seen through the fleeting images on a screen.”

The one-man show (with slides and carousel) returns for a limited engagement November 3–12. The show will play multiple venues during this run. Past spaces have included houses, apartments, theater stages, dance studios, a salvage shop, and a houseboat.

Contact us at for info about hosting a performance.

SLIDESHOW, created and performed by Josh McIlvain, is doing a Philadelphia and New York City (and vicinity) tour in the first two weeks of November. The show, which is performed in the form of an actual slideshow circa 1979 in the family living room, can fit into nearly any sized venue, small or large. Interested in hosting a theatrical event? The show is tailored for small audiences (anywhere from 12 to 25 people).

SLIDESHOW is a solo performance that takes the form of an old fashioned slideshow. Audiences enter a living room–like space, with a standing screen and a carousel slide projector. They sit in a semicircle facing the screen. The lights go out and the slideshow begins. The narrator—sitting within the audience, on the floor, standing by the screen, or fidgeting to focus the projector—tells the story of his family’s life through pictures and memories.

“The punchy-colored slides and humorous yet heartfelt prose McIlvain recites is as uncanny and nostalgic as some of our own family scrapbooks. This piece invites the audience to be mesmerized and taken on a journey about transition, tragedy and connection.” Philadelphia City Paper

“A thought-provoking, intimate, funny and poignant journey.” Stage Magazine

Presented by Automatic Arts. Email for details about hosting a performance of SLIDESHOW. 

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