Return of Confession of a Plate and Shoe–all done!

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Return of Confessions of a Plate and Shoe: the best ever evening of outrageous short comedies by Josh McIlvain. Performed by Danielle Adams, Sebastian Cummings, Sarah Knittel, Katherine Perry, Jennifer Summerfield, and Ryan Walter.


RETURN OF CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE AND SHOE (SmokeyScout): 60-second review

June 28, 2013 – Jessica Foley

Josh McIlvain’s RETURN OF CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE AND SHOE should be put in a time capsule and used by future generations as a how-to manual titled “How-to-produce-the greatest-show-ever.” Okay, calling this show, “the greatest show ever” may seem like an overreaching marketing phrase, but I assure its not. RETURN is the greatest show of the 2012/13 theater season. Not to disrespect the larger Philadelphia theater companies, SmokeyScout Productions is reaping one of the benefits of mounting a low-budget, black box minimal production they can afford to make bold choices. McIlvain makes all the right choices. Not a minute is wasted, every inch of the Adrienne’s Sky Box is utilized. The fearless ensemble of six actors dressed in Stanislavski-neutral black crash their bodies into walls, and floor stretching their protean muscles to the max portraying a variety of species, monkeys, fish, psychopathic caterers. I am not sure if there is anything Danielle Adams, Sebastian Cummings, Sarah Knittel, Katherine Perry, Jennifer Summerfield, and Ryan Walter can not portray. June 19 to 29, 2013;

ReturnClownFront_72dpiRead what audiences  posted about the show:

“All I will say for now: Go see it, if you’ve ever wanted to quit the theater because you wanted to own a house in New Jersey near a duck pond, and have a toddler named Vivian. Josh McIlvain’s Confessions of a Plate & Shoe will remind you why you opted to endure abject poverty to work in theater to begin with.” JF

“Loved the show, excellent actors, would like to see anything you do.” MG

“Funny, funny show. I was kind of sorry when it was over- I could have laughed longer.” AP

“Saw opening night. Veery funny. Thanks plate. Thanks shoe.” MK

“What a fantastic opening!” JR

“It was so much fun!” TVA


Moonlighting at the Hella Fresh Theater: Thanks for the memories!

Special thanks to John Rosenberg for bringing me on board with his show Alp D’Huez for Hella Fresh Theater, which was written by John. It was an honor to direct him and  Jennifer Summerfield in this tightly woven, funny and tragic script that takes an intimate look at the moment of break up. We wrapped up the 4-week run in November at the Papermill Theater in Kensington, Philadelphia.

A man’s wife shows up to Paris a day early and won’t say why. What is she hiding? Why is he so upset by it? What did he do on Alp d’ Huez? This intense, mysterious, funny, and often heartbreaking tale shows all the problems of a marriage colliding at the least opportune time–on vacation in France when they should be having the time of their lives, and rooting on Lance Armstrong and team America in the Tour de France.

–Josh McIlvain

Playwright and Hella Fresh founder John Rosenberg has been hailed by City Paper as “an impetuous playwright [who] takes a radical approach to independent theater.” More details at