WILD PUNCH finished its run, thanks to all who came!

John Rosenberg, Josh McIlvain, Annie Wilson. Photo by Erin Desmond.

Wild Punch: Dance Theater Adventures in Kensington

A joint presentation between SmokeyScout Productions and Hella Fresh Theater, Wild Punch features new plays by Josh McIlvain and John Rosenberg, and a dance work created and performed by Annie Wilson. Audiences experience these three bold works in three separate spaces created within the Papermill Theater. 1 show. 3 perspectives. 3 original works.


Wild Punch features: dancer-choreographer Annie Wilson’s dance graceful frsutrated expletive, a solo about her personal evolution as a dancer that involves a hilarious and touching first person narrative, dance, and an anything goes approach; Josh McIlvain’s play Waiting For The Boss (with James C. Tolbert & Josh McIlvain), a comedic drama about maintaining your sense of worth as you grow older in menial, underpaid labor, and the intimate personal revelations between coworkers who care nothing for each other; and John Rosenberg’s play Automated Fault Isolation (Anna Flynn-Meketon & John Rosenberg), a dark romance set in 1950s Alabama about a white high school girl and a soldier waiting for the person she has lured to a motel room.

Wild Punch promo features co-creator Josh McIlvain discussing the show.

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