Carter’s Play Takes A Bow

CARTER’S PLAY finished its inaugural  run on May 19. Thanks to all for coming!

Carter’s Play is the anti-feel good play about low budget art-making. Featuring a play within a play, a set built on stage during the performance, emotional manipulation, sex, and cheapness all in the name of theater.

The White Space at Crane Old School, LP, 1417 North 2nd Street (2 blocks north of Girard, near Northern Liberties)

Carter’s Play

with Patti Moore, Jennifer Summerfield, Mark Cairns, Sarah Robinson, Chris Davis, Josh McIlvain Lighting & Scenic Design by Catherine Lee Directed by John Rosenberg Co-directed and Written by Josh McIlvain


Art On A Budget…Life On Display: CARTER’S PLAY Brings New Meaning To ‘Backstage’

“For anyone who’s ever been involved in the creative process of producing low-budget theatre, one thing’s for sure: getting by with a little help from your friends, family, neighbors, enemies, (Ok, really ANYONE) is a must. This idea advances to a whole new meta-theatrical level in this original play-within-a-play, all while taking the audience on the journey of creating both. . . . Walking into the “White Space” at the Crane Art’s Old School building, there’s a very hip, performance-arty, museum-esque vibe that immediately let me know I was not in “Kansas” anymore . . . . It was apparent that THIS immediate audience would be seeing what a “real” audience never gets to see: the personal dramas and ensuing sex, hilarity, back-stabbing, etc, of the people behind the art. . . . Patti [Moore] lends an under-stated charm and honesty to all of her roles, especially when rehearsing a very hilarious sex scene from the play. . . . Jennifer Summerfield plays Chrissy as an identifiable actress, frustrated and struggling with a director wrapped up in his vision. Chrissy plays ‘Margo’ with a ferocious diva-ness and shines as she negotiates both characters quite seamlessly. . . . Mark Cairns, who plays the worn-down theatre owner and ostensibly the technical director, Tripp, does an hilarious job of representing a broken down and cynical theatre “techie.” . . . The fluid manner of transitioning between the two worlds makes CARTER’S PLAY all the more inventive and worth the trip . . .  a sneaky two-act look into a heightened world of art-making and the accompanying scandal that comes along with, CARTER’S PLAY is assuredly worth the $20 price of admission.” Amanda Curry, read the whole review here.

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